Articles and How-To's

Kumihimo Testing: Two Color Variations on the Basic Round Braid

Kumihimo Testing: Three Color Variations on the Basic Round Braid

Cooking Links

Gode Cookery: a wonderful site on Medieval cooking with everything from simple and "perioid" recipes to in-depth translations and incredible recreations of period dishes.

Gunther Anderson Cordials: a site that walks you through the basics of creating cordials as well as an impressive number of recipes.

Sewing Links

Drawing of a seated girl sewing with a dog at her feet, © A Greensweight

Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns: one woman's search for a period pattern for a cotehardie including her research and final pattern. history and how-to make fingerloop braids.

Elizabethan Costuming Page: a lot of information about Elizabethan Costuming.

T-tunics the Period Way: instructions on making a more historically accurate t-tunic.